The Kingdom Manager Game

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The game will continue the development without any implementations of NFT's, crypto or any other blockchain tech.

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Micro-Kingdoms is planned to be an online multiplayer game with a medieval theme in which players interact with the game map as well as with one another in real-time.

The game is being played on a world map that has been divided into sections, which are called holdings.

Manage, trade, make alliance!

A kingdom is a concept that consists of at least one holding that consists of 25 magnificent, hand-painted plots. Plots are the smallest units, and they each have unique qualities and create unique resources that may be utilized or sold in the marketplace.

27000+ Unique Holdings!

Kingdom is a concept of at least one holding which consist 25 hand painted plots. Plots are the smalest units and they have different properties, and generate diferent resources which can be used or traded at the marketplace.

Each holding is mainly made up of 25 5x5 plots, each with a unique set of characteristics specified by the position of the plots on the map. Every plot has its own set of properties and would include resources that are determined by the type of plot and the properties of its neighbors.

How It Works


Get Your Land

Develop your

Trade, Fight,
form Aliance!

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I am looking for people who would like to team-up and take part in the project for the fair share!
If you think this can be fun experience for you, drop an email to blindxfish@gmail.com !

I seek for help of Artist's, Developers, Sales, Game Designers, Marketing guys and girls!